How To Invest In Mobile Homes With No Cash


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About The Book

Following this book along with some consistency you can definitely lay the foundation you need. Rather than might be to build out a whole business behind investing in mobile homes or even just looking to get some extra funds. Reading through this entire book and not taking action will get you nowhere. From practices of learning to wholesale with little to no cash to learning how to buy and hold them as rentals we will cover.


Your Complete Guide To Attacking Your First Deal! 
This E-Book contains everything you need from beginning to end to lock in your first mobile home deal whatever your exit strategy might be. All strategies I have discussed in this book at some point of time I have used these same practices in my business. Some of the strategies I still currently use.


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What’s inside


History Of Mobile Homes


Terms and Verbiage of Mobile Homes


Mobile Home Market Research


Basic Seller Appointment Checklist


Understanding Mobile Homes


Lead Sourcing

I initially reached out to RJ to learn more about wholesaling and real estate investing without knowing much about mobile homes. He was very knowledgeable and informed me how it's one of the best ways to get into real estate without much capital. The way he broke things down made it simple and a no brainer. By the end of the call I was ready to start my search.


Ahmad was incredibly helpful in teaching me how to obtain leads using multiple systems during our call. I’d suggest any new or aspiring mobile home investor to use his services.


Great customer service & helped me with every question I had. I appreciate RJ & his team they made the process effortless.


Before speaking to R.J. I had doubts about investing because I stayed in a rural area......on the consultation he assured me that just because I didn’t see any real estate in my area didn’t mean that it wasn’t surrounding me. From that I started to search for surrounding areas and how I could capitalize off of them. He really helped me shift my mind to look bigger! I appreciate him taking the time to speak with me!

About the author.

Hello everyone if you made it here you have definetly been following the movement & I just want to say thank you. Knowing that real estate and ownership as a whole might just be one of the most important foundations to build you’re on the right track.  

Growing up I was born and raised In Chicago, IL I didn’t come from a family of entrepreneurs or investors. By any means anything I can do to help accelerate your learning curve or even just open your mind up to new opportunities out here that’s my goal. 

Ahmad Ingram



Your Complete Guide To Attacking Your First Deal! The mobile home market is drastically growing every year!

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